Trego Civic Center Fundraiser

It’s been a rather uneventful season for Trego’s Civic Center. That is to say, with corona virus and associated restrictions, the events that provide the community hall with the ability to pay its monthly bills just haven’t been happening.

In more normal years, the community hall has hosted Christmas bazaars, weddings, funerals, plays, pie contests, Halloween parties and Thanksgiving meals, even dances. This year, with gatherings restricted, the hall has been mostly empty. In more recent months, it’s been the site for the North Valley Food Bank distributions.

Lack of activity means that the Civic Center is pressed for funds.
The answer? A fundraiser! All you can eat brisket and more for $15 a plate.
The Sawmill Bar is hosting the fundraiser this Saturday (October 3rd) from 1-6 PM.

Trego Civic Center Fundraiser Flier

The silent auction is expected to include: Schnapps (homemade), themed baskets: a wine basket, a Scentsy (Scentsy products include wickless candles, oils and diffusers) and Avon basket, among others.

Gun Raffle: A continuing fundraiser (ticket sales at events are difficult when there are no events), the drawing for the firearm is expected to take place at a Civic Center event this spring.

If you’re busy Saturday, the bake sale will be going Friday through Sunday and there should be future opportunities to purchase raffle tickets.

People wishing to donate to the Civic Center can also do so by mailing checks to their PO Box (# 393) , or by dropping them off at the Sawmill Bar. For further information, to get involved, or to donate to the silent auction, contact the Trego Civic Center at their facebook page.

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