School Board Meets Next Wednesday

Trego School’s Board will meet Wednesday October 14th at 6PM. Attending it virtually (either with a computer or calling in with a phone) is possible via the gotomeeting app. School Board Meetings are public (unless the board needs to discuss confidential information in a closed session), so the public is welcome to attend (virtually).

At this meeting, the board will be swearing in a new member. While School Board elections are traditionally held in the spring, the board accepts applications and approves new members, in order to maintain a five member board. This new board member (and any others that join the board in this fashion) will be up for election this spring. School board members are elected for three year terms. Traditionally the terms are staggered, so that the entire board is never up for election at once.

If you don’t remember hearing anything about an election this last spring, it wasn’t that you missed the news. While state law mandates when the election should occur, requires the board clerk to arrange for election judges, etc. it also removes the requirement for holding an election if no more candidates are running than there are vacancies. In that case, all members running are elected by acclamation.

While the word acclamation implies enthusiastic approval, context matters. In the context of an election, the meaning differs. When someone is elected by acclamation, they run unopposed. The premise is that in the absence of another candidate to vote for, there is little need for an election, since all votes would go to that candidate.

After swearing in the newest board member, the board expects to continue discussion their health and safety plan. The rest of the agenda includes:

  1. Sub Application
  2. School Bus Repairs/Replacement
  3. Tenure Policy
  4. Hooked on Fishing/PTCO Accounts
  5. Student Attendance Agreements
  6. Ham radio online course
  7. Second reading- Policy 1400 -Change Time of Regular Board Meetings
  8. Continuous School Improvement Plan

Additionally, there will be reports from various staff and board members. Copies of the agenda for school board meetings can be found in the post office a few days before the upcoming meeting. Community members can request copies of the minutes after the meetings.

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