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Fishing with Drones

Montana’s Fish and Wildlife Commission is considering a new rule, specifically a ban on the use of drones while fishing. As it happens, many states have already done so. But my question was this:

How are drones used for fishing in the first place?

The simplest use is a reconnaissance drone, specifically helpful for fishing in an unfamiliar area. A drone can fly around, noting logs and the like in shallow water, and giving a fisherman the lay of the land, as it were. This provides information that can be used to guess where the fish will be.

That’s the simplest use, though. A drone can also be used to extend a cast, vastly increasing the distance a fisherman can cast. Fancier than that even, drones can not only cast for fish, they can actually catch them and bring them back. Learning that made it much more clear why the Fish and Wildlife Commission might object.

Of course, not everything that they are worried about is in the air. Modern technology allows for underwater exploration as well, with the same fish catching capacities.

The same technology that makes over-fishing a region easy is also useful for conservation efforts. It allows endangered populations to be monitored, and for more detailed examination of how populations move and interact with their environment.

Personally, while the reconnaissance capacities of drones sound very neat, especially the underwater varieties, actually having the drone catch the fish just seems a bit… unsporting.

What do you think?

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