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Irish Democracy

I started looking for a definition of “Irish Democracy.”  Found all sorts of descriptions of government in the Republic of Ireland – but nothing that described the unorganized ignoring of laws that lack popular support.  The term “Irish democracy” refers to uncoordinated, wide-spread civil disobedience.  An example is a sign in the window requiring face masks by order of Governor Bullock – and once you’re inside, you’re the only one masked.

I started into a store, pulling my mask on.  The guy in a Stetson alongside me was humming “Desperados waiting for a train.”  I haven’t seen so many public scofflaws since they repealed Nixon’s 55 mph speed limit.  Heck, even Montana’s legislature got into the act, limiting the fine to five bucks.  It cost more than that for police to stop a car and issue a ticket – and that was when it started.

Meanwhile, back east, New York’s governor gives orders that churches can’t hold services with more than ten people in attendance – and the Supreme Court rules 5 to 4 that it violates the first amendment’s guarantee of religious freedom.  In Canada, a guy named Skelly opens his bbq joint and serves sandwiches – he gets busted, they start a gofundme account to pay his fines, and folks start bringing their propane grills from home to his parking lot.   

I didn’t need to find the definition – it’s all around me.  When our leaders come up with orders that won’t be obeyed, civil disobedience becomes the norm.

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