Family Field Trip at Trego School

How do you go anywhere with an entire school full of children, invite their parents, and still manage to avoid exposing anyone to any new people/germs? The answer is elegant in its simplicity: Be the only ones there.

Trego School’s students and their families will be attending The Polar Express, at the Majestic Theater in Eureka, which the school has rented for the purpose.

Field trips are an important (if infrequent) part of the school experience, and help make things seem more normal in a year that feels from it. Inviting parents to join their children, to meet the teachers casually (instead of just at conferences), to meet their children’s friends, see what their children have been working on, that’s equally important. Parents will actually have two opportunities to do that this week- both on Tuesday for the Movie and on Thursday for (socially distanced) lunch, tea and cookies.

Trego School is very much ending 2020 on a positive note for its students. This will be the last week of school before the New Year. Winter Break begins Monday December 21st, with School Resuming on January 4th of 2021.

More information, both about the school’s calendar and future field trips can be found on the school’s website. Future field trips are expected to include ice fishing and ice skating.

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