Lengthy Line for North Valley Food Bank’s Pre-Christmas Food Distribution

The North Valley Food Bank, located in Whitefish, serves Trego via a mobile pantry. The distributions are “drive through” style and occur at the Trego Civic Center; There are no eligibility requirements, and no need to provide supporting documentation.

Line outside the Trego Civic Center for the North Valley Food Bank Distribution on the last Friday before Christmas 12/18

The Mobile Food Pantry typically serves Trego on the first and third Fridays of the Month . The next distribution, however, will be on a Thursday (December 31st), as the Food Bank is closed for New Year’s. If you miss the distribution window, the Mobile Food Pantry visits Olney after Trego, and it should be possible to meet it at the Olney Store after it leaves Trego. The Food Bank itself is open from 12-6PM in Whitefish on Wednesdays and Thursdays. If you need to find the Food Distribution before the 31st, the Food Bank is distributing food on Tuesday (12/22) and Wednesday (12/23) from their Whitefish site.

The Pre-Christmas Food Distribution included a turkey, fresh yams, crescent rolls, and stuffing, in addition to the usual groceries. The distribution began at 10:30, and, at 10:30, the line to the Trego Civic Center stretched towards the Post Office. Once distribution began, the line quickly shrunk.

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