Backwoods Accordion Festival was well attended

Trego’s Backwoods Accordion Festival was well attended Saturday. Music began at the Trego Pub at three and continued until 9 pm, featuring: Ray Jacobs and Friends, Accordion Demolition Demo, Ol’ Santi, Shirley Jacobs, Euphonium Spaceship, and Shrimp Louise and the Fiddler Crabs.

Despite the heat and gathering haze, folks gathered from near and far – the Flathead was well-represented, though Lincoln County residents made up the majority.

Throughout the festival, attendees broke into spontaneous dance – waltzes and two-steps, among others. Thanks to the venue, attendees both ate and drank well. Thanks to the multitude of talented musicians, many of us walked away with new songs in our heads, spring in our steps, and appreciation for our community.

We look forward to next year’s festival, and the many musical events between now and then.

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