Why all the indoor flies?

As it turns out, the inside flies of this time of the year aren’t the same as the flies of summer. Winter’s flies are looking for a nice, warm place to spend the winter- and our homes tend to be very appealing.

Why are there flies in my house? There’s snow outside!

If your home is anything like ours, it has had an abundance of flies lately. You may ask yourselves “why now?” – after all, it’s snowy out, and there can’t be much food for them. Shouldn’t they die with the cold like everything else? You’d be entirely right in thinking so. Regardless of the type of fly, most of the good food sources are rather scarce this time of year, and the cold kills many. However, insects are just as uninterested in freezing to death as we are. Most of these gathered indoor flies are trying to avoid that particular…

This year, despite the growing cold, we’ve had far fewer flies in our windows. Unfortunately, it isn’t a miraculous new fly swatter -it isn’t even one of those gizmos that let you shoot them with salt. While I’m not sure how the kittens are going to be for catching mice, they are certainly hell on flies.

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