This Year’s Pig Story

Admittedly, this year’s pig story isn’t nearly as good as last year’s pig story (no coats) but the fact that we have a yearly pig story is interesting.

This year’s saga (told via facebook) went something along the lines of:

‘Oh, interesting pig!’
Neat type. New to the area. Safely at home behind fence’
…sometime later…
‘Who’s pig is this?’

‘Pig Sighted at…’

‘Now he’s over here’

‘Trailer Court’

Trego Pub: “Bruce is back, he had a snack. Call us if you need your piggy back.”‘

‘In a pen’

‘Safely Home’

Photo courtesy of Mel Warren

This time, no coats or blankets were needed. And- at least for now- local news regarding pigs is confined to domestics. Feral hogs coming down across the Canadian line remain a concern- if you see any of those, consider using the “Squeal on Pigs” hotline.

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