Blockades at the Border

Slow Roll Protests have emerged at several crossings over the past month, as well as full and partial blockades. Protests are against the new vaccine mandates for crossing the border, and in support of the Freedom Convoy in Ottowa protesting the same.

A Slow Roll Protest began at 3 in the morning, Monday January 17th on the US Manitoba border at the Crossing between Pembina, North Dakota and Emerson, Manitoba. The Pembina/Emerson crossing is a 24 hour port of entry, with three commercial lanes and 4 auto lanes. It is the most heavily traveled border crossing in North Dakota. Between 30 and 40 semi-trucks moved in a slow loop, passing through the crossing, then turning, and crossing again.

The largest port of entry in Alberta is the Coutts Border Crossing, between Coutts, Alberta and Sweet Grass, Montana where traffic has been disrupted since Saturday, January 29th. On the 29th, the RCMP said that several hundred vehicles took part in the protest.

Also on the 29th, a blockade was set up at the Houlton-Woodstock border crossing, between Woodstock New Brunswick and Houlton Maine. The blockade was scheduled to last 24 hours, and to demonstrate support for the Trucker Convoy protesting in Ottawa.

The current blockade of Highway 4 at the Coutts border crossing violates the Alberta Traffic Safety Act. It is causing significant inconvenience for lawful motorists and could dangerously impede the movement of emergency service vehicles. This blockade must end immediately.”

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, January 30th
Coutts border crossing, Jan. 31

On January 31st, Rebel News reported on a standoff between the RCMP and the protesters, including ongoing negotiations. The protest at the Coutts border crossing continued on February 1st, with further negotiations between RCMP and the protesters. The protest continued to grow on the 2nd. There is a group set up to fund the legal defense for the protesters. At some point a second blockade occurred in the area. With so much coverage for the Coutts border crossing, it’s difficult to find news about any other ports of entry. That said, there are videos that suggest protests (with lotsof honking) have been occurring in other places along the border.

Saturday February 4th Video Update from Rebel News on the Coutts, Alberta Border Blockade. Also on the 4th, an article came out suggesting that companies will be rerouting their shipping to crossings to the east or west of the Coutts crossing.

On Sunday, February 6th, there were reports of a protest at a different crossing: Convoy slows traffic at the border and closes 402 westbound SundayCBC News. A convoy slowed traffic at Ambassador Bridge, a 24 hour crossing that connects Windsor, Toronto to Detroit, Michigan, another major port of entry.

The protest at the Coutts crossing continues- it’s well worth watching the youtube videos. The written press coverage has been fairly limited- youtube and twitter both provide more information, if less linearly.

Local News- if you’ve been watching the Eureka Montana Community Page, you’ll have seen that a Freedom Rally in support of the Freedom Convoy 2022 is scheduled for February 12th, b/w 1 and 4 PM, gather at the parking lot of the First & Last Chance Bar.

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