Kitchen Tips

Never grab your cheese out of your bag with your hands use a spoon or pour out.  No matter how clean your hands are it will leave bacteria in there and your cheese will mold quicker.

When making a fresh fruit salad and you don’t like it when your apples or bananas turn brown. Just pour a little sprite/7-up over it acts just like lemon juice but doesn’t give that sour taste.

Lots of left over lemons or limes just pop them in the freezer whole and when thawed you have lemon juice. Also keep one for zesting it brightens up any meal then replace it in a ziploc and use till gone.

From Sam: The lemon juice trick works because it’s an acid (citric acid), and the enzyme that causes the fruit to brown (polyphenol oxidase) doesn’t work an acidic conditions. Sprite and 7 up are acidic too. Most carbonated beverages contain some combination of carbonic acid, phosphoric acid and citric acid. Using soda in place of lemon juice is a clever substitution.

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