Backwoods Accordion Festival, Round 3

Trego’s third annual Backwoods Accordion Festival was the best-attended yet! We saw quite a few return visitors, as well as new faces, some of whom we fully expect to meet again next year.

The Trego Pub outdid itself with covered seating (a pleasant reprieve from the hot sun), and was buzzing with activity, serving both food and drink throughout the festivities.

Euphonium Spaceship, in mid-song.

Musical acts included Ray and Shirley Jacobs (in the guise of “Earthquake Jake” and “La Vie Est Une Fête”, respectively), Pom and Kathi Collins (of Euphonium Spaceship), Bob Mislivek (as himself), and Andrew Santiago (aka Ol’ Santi).

Bob Mislivek playing the John Deere Model A Polka – a new favorite for me.

There was a wide range of music for dancing, ranging from traditional dancing fare – polkas, waltzes, and schottisches; as well as sung music of a variety of styles. I particularly enjoyed the artists’ reminisces in between their songs – glimpses of how accordions, and music and culture more broadly, have featured in their lives.

This spry young couple coaxed more than a few attendees into joining them.

Much praise to the organizers, and all the folks who helped them! Well done.

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