Too Old! Entirely Too Old!

The Kingston Trio’s song, Bad Man’s Blunder, dates back to my pre-teen years: “The judge was an old man – 93 (too old, entirely too old) and I didn’t like the way the jury looked at me.”  I’m well past the age of drinking whisky that’s older than I am . . . my whisky should be decades younger.  And I think the politicians who get my vote should be younger, too.

Donald Trump announced a 2024 Presidential run – DOB 6/14/1946 – he’ll be 78.  Joe Biden – DOB 11/20/1942 – he turned 80 last Sunday.  Mitch McConnell – DOB 2/20/1942 . . . heavens, he’s even older than Slow Joe.  Nancy Pelosi – DOB 3/26/1940 . . . the list can continue. 

It may be spending time around the Dakota and Lakota – culturally their leadership roles are for the younger folks, while the older people become, well, elders.  They have influence because of their successful experience . . . perhaps wisdom might be a better descriptor.  You can grow old in that culture without becoming an elder. 

In the House of Representatives, the ancient Nancy Pelosi is no anomaly.  The average age is 58, and the only leadership role occupied by someone under 80 is Kevin McCarthy, the minority leader – DOB 1/26/1965.   Steny Hoyer, the majority leader – DOB 6-14-1939.  I don’t believe that he ever held a job outside of politics.  Maxine Waters – DOB 8-15-38.  The list goes on – and they can be accurately described as “Too old.  Entirely too old.”

I remember when Reagan promised to take senility tests.  He may have forgotten to, but he did promise.  Trump actually took them.  I haven’t seen where Biden has gone in for testing – but he may have forgotten.  The scuttlebutt on Diane Feinstein – DOB – 6/22/1933 . . . the media is kind, using the words “cognitive decline” instead of bloody senile.  Too old.  Entirely too old.  Still, she went into the Senate as a sharp cookie – just picture what Fetterman – DOB 8/15/69 will test at in another 20 years.

On the other hand, Alexandria Occasio-Cortes – DOB 10-13-1989 – is the youngest woman ever elected to the House.  Ilhan Omar – DOB 10-04-1982 is the seventh youngest. Maybe age isn’t so much a problem.  Or maybe the only way to get rid of them is term limits.

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