Thanksgiving x2 (5th Annual)

You weren’t seeing double- we really are a community so rich in well-meaning people that there were two meals for the public this Thanksgiving.

Both the 5th year? This isn’t our community’s first Thanksgiving Meal. It’s something of a yearly tradition.

4th Annual Thanksgiving Dinner at the Community Hall

This year, a traditional sit-down meal will be possible (though it isn’t the only option). The dinner is taking place at both the community hall and the Trego Pub on Thanksgiving Day. The meal (and delivery) are free- though donations (of any kind) are welcome. If previous experience is any indication- the food will be…

Third Annual Free Thanksgiving

Last Thursday was the community’s third annual free Thanksgiving meal. The Trego Fortine Striker Volunteer Fire Department collaborated with the Trego Pub to serve a takeout meal.…

This year, the Thanksgiving Meal has grown from an informal collaboration of various groups (the Community Hall Board, TFS Volunteer Fire Department, etc.) into multiple events. The new venue is hosted by a non-profit, Hearts of Grace (which hopes to serve meals at other holidays as well), while also continuing in the previous location (a necessary split due to the Community Hall’s status as a federal grant recipient).

The Hall Board arranged for food to be served out of the Trego Pub, since the pub had been better trafficked than the hall in previous years, while Hearts of Grace served food at the Dickey Lake Bible Camp in order to take advantage of the space available at the camp. Funds raised by the Community Hall ($808) are going to the local 4-H group this year, while Hearts of Grace will put donations they received towards further meals.

No confusion was intended- and everyone was welcome at either (or both!) meals. It’s a fortunate community that has a choice of where to get a free holiday meal (or who to ask for a delivery), and it’s all the more impressive given the size of our community.

If I’m grateful for anything this Thanksgiving, it’s the amazing community members who work hard to serve, nurture, and feed our community. Thanks to everyone who was involved.

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