Feral Pigs Invade from Canada

It’s easy to assume that warming plays a role in the movement of feral pig population. After all, feral pigs have been quite successful in the southern United States and gradually spreading north. And northern winters are a deterrent for many invasive species.

In fact, the invasion is unlikely to come from the south. According to the Smithsonian, Canadian farmers, raising pigs brought over from europe were initially unconcerned about escapes, as the Canadian winter seemed likely to prevent the pigs spreading and becoming a problem.

It turns out, pigs are rather clever animals, and quite adept at tunneling below the snow. The Canadian feral pig population has vastly increased, covering more territory each year. The pigs include a cross between domestic and feral species, which increases the size and resilience of the domestic pig.

North Dakota and Montana are already concerned about feral pigs crossing the border. Lincoln county is one of the counties that had feral swine reported in 2022. The state reporting program is “Squeal on Pigs“, and while we don’t seem to have a problem yet, the pig are expected to become one in the northern US states sooner rather than later.

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