Bears in Trego

I had this guy on my porch (Fortine Creek and Brimstone) at 5am trying to get in my empty trash can. Scared him off only to come back at 10pm that night.

That day I called the bear biologist (Wildlife Conflict Specialist? Grizzly Bear Technician? Something official sounding), Justine, and told her I was awakened by my ring doorbell saying I had motion at my back door at 5 am. I shouted at him and then my big dog barked. He ran off. She said probably he won’t come back if there was no food. I didn’t know what kind he was. So when I was alerted at 10 pm I sent this picture and she said it was a grizzly!

  It’s that time of the year again. Be bear aware. Don’t leave trash or other bear attractants near your home. (Grizzly visits aren’t that uncommon anymore- we wrote up one of our more exciting experiences last year. -Sam

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