Reasons to Drive Past Whitefish

If you’ve purchased groceries in Whitefish, you’ve probably noticed that there is a sales tax. Except, Whitefish doesn’t have a sales tax, not technically. What it does have is a resort tax on “luxuries”. In Whitefish, clothes are a luxury. This seems patently absurd, given how low the temperatures can fall during some parts of the year.

Assuming that anything taxed as a luxury (3%) is something that Whitefish considers a luxury, and that everything except from the luxury tax is not:

In Whitefish

  • Purchasing a bicycle to get to work is luxury. An exercise bike is not.
  • Purchasing a camera is a luxury. Having photos developed is not.
  • Pet food is a luxury. Veterinary care is not.
  • Candles are a luxury. Light bulbs are not.
  • Videos and DVDs are a luxury. Cable TV is not.
  • Second hand store items are a luxury. Appliances are not.
  • Crafted items, including those sold at arts and crafts fairs are luxuries. Computers are not.

More next week on when this happened (which state laws allow it) and what other areas have similar taxes. In the meantime, I’ll be saving my shopping for somewhere that doesn’t specifically tax clothes as a luxury item.

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